There is a great variety of options available to schools who wish to empower their students and help them become active leaders. This allows for a highly progressive approach, entirely adaptable to different grade levels, as well as different school and student profiles.

Here are some avenues for student empowerment. Far from being an exhaustive list, these examples illustrate the great variety of ways in which schools can create authentic, yet appropriate ways for their students to acquire and practice leadership skills, all while contributing effectively to their learning community.


États généraux is a collaborative structure enabling schools to collect rich and detailed input or feedback on any relevant matter through rounds of guided discussions bringing students, teachers and administrators together.


Design teams are task forces in which voluntary students work with faculty or staff members, either as coaches or as collaborators, to address specific needs in their learning community.


School internships allow students to gain real-world experience by working with various staff members, for instance to help coordinate a student-led social media campaign.


Leadership certificates are educational programs through which students acquire and demonstrate the skills required to be effective community leaders or members. One example is the training course offered through our website.


While the role of student councils is often limited to promoting school spirit, a student government plays an appropriate, participative role in school governance and actively involves all students in different capacities.


Student services are provided to students, by students, under student leadership. Examples include peer mediation, peer social-emotional support, peer pedagogical remediation, and so forth.

“There is no neutral education. Education is either for domestication or for freedom.”

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Jérémie Rostan, founder of the Student Leadership Initiative, is an international educator with 10+ years of experience in student empowerment.