Our mission is to empower schools to empower students. Working closely with leaders and educators, our goal is to help design, implement and develop appropriate and adapted opportunities for students to acquire and practice leadership skills in their school environment.

Interested schools have the option to enroll their students in our leadership training program. This online course (available September 2021) empowers students by helping them acquire and practice the skills and understandings required to become effective leaders in their school community. Both pedagogical and practical, this is a great add-on for programs such as CAS, GCD, or the International Award, but can also function on its own and lead to a student leadership certification.

Our services are available to pioneer schools looking for effective and practical ways to promote student leadership that are adapted to their unique context and objectives.

During our first coaching conversation, our goal will be to clarify the objectives of your school, based on its unique identity, circumstances, and overall vision. Next, asynchronous work sessions with your team will enable us to design a concrete plan with detailed student empowerment strategies. Throughout the year, our ongoing collaboration will ensure constant support and agile adjustment. Finally, our end-of-cycle debriefing will allow us to measure the progress made, and set new, even more ambitious and refined goals for the future.

About Us

Jérémie Rostan, founder of the Student Leadership Initiative, is an international educator with 10+ years of experience in student empowerment